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7 Signs of a Positive Customer Experience

Owning a business, be it physical or digital, has one thing that owners will always have to keep tabs on customer experience. That is one thing that will determine whether your customers will return to keep your business in check or, better yet, move it in a direction that will give you a mouthwatering chart of sales and a thriving business: every e-commerce business owner’s dream.

Though an outstanding customer experience can be challenging to achieve, some business owners may already have it but need to be made aware of it. Do you have an inkling that you might be one of them? Don’t lose sleep over it; within this article, you will learn about the indicators of a positive customer experience. Once you know your standpoint and it looks good, you’ll be able to determine your ideal customer experience management. However, if you know you’re not there yet, you’ll have an idea of which customer experience strategy model you’ll need to implement.

Before we tackle this topic, perpetually keep in mind that your customer is what drives your business. Without them, you will have no destination to ship your products to. Now, let’s delve into it.

7 Signs of Positive Customer Experience

1) Excellent CSAT Score – the bedstone of customer experience

If you have an excellent CSAT score, rest assured that you have successfully given your customers a positive customer experience. 

But what is a CSAT score? It is a numerical value that businesses use to determine how satisfied their customers are with the products or services they offer. Usually, the scores are obtained through feedback from various polls, questions, and suggestions. The scores are often rated numerically, commonly on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10; the higher the number, the better the score is, and the more satisfied the customer is. This score can further determine in which area a business is good at and in which it needs to improve. Typically, these areas are:

  1. Product 

Did you create a high-quality product, leaving your customers wanting more? Are they put to good use? Do they function as they should? Do they think that the quality meets their expectations? If your customers aren’t satisfied, you can use their feedback and reviews to make improvements; a good customer experience strategy!

  1. Response  

Did you answer your customers’ inquiries in time? Are your customer officers replying to their chats within minutes to avoid them waiting? If you realize that your CSAT score is low in this term, you can always do these:

  • As a business owner, reiterate the importance of customer experience to your employees to invoke their awareness in responding to your customers.
  • Set up a WhatsApp chatbot integration to significantly simplify the whole process, where your customers are guaranteed a fast response to their questions and leave your employees space to focus on other things. This technology is excellent for customer experience management. In addition, the best way to set this technology up is by using a chatbot builder

How to build a chatbot in Kommo | Kommo Salesbot

2) Present Customers

A good customer experience strategy is to provide your customers with a place to communicate their piece, be it a review, a suggestion, or a question. If you see your customers say things on your e-commerce web or social media in one of the ways mentioned before, you have successfully given them that place; they can fully be present in your business. However, if you see an absence of them, maybe you should reevaluate these points:

  1. A way to be present

Are you giving your customers a place to be present? Do you have a review section on your website? Are your comments space enabled? Did you put a message button? If you don’t have all those, you are losing one of the essence of a good customer experience.

  1. Reciprocation to presence

Let’s say you see your customers’ comments, reviews, or questions on your web or social media. The question is, are you responding to them? If you are not, then you’ve got a problem. This is usually a starter mistake, one that occurs at the beginning of a business. If this mistake comes about and you resolve it immediately, you will retain your customer presence which only means one thing: they will get the expected excellent customer experience.

3) Being Aware of Problems

Pay attention to yourself and your employees; are they aware of the problems that your customers have reported? If they are, that’s a good sign that you and your employees are paying attention to your customers. This is an excellent way to maintain customer experience.

4) Positive Customer Retention

A positive customer experience always leads to a thriving business, and a thriving business oftentimes is achieved through customer retention. 

Customer retention is the rate at which customers stay within your business for a period of time. You can determine this rate with a specific formula. A good retention rate indicates that your business has made the effort to keep existing customers satisfied, engaged, and loyal over time; this is a golden recipe for creating a polished customer experience.

5) Gaining Customers

In relation to the point before this, if you not only see your old customers still hanging around your business but also see new ones, then this is a strong sign that you are giving them a good time. The positive customer experience you give them will often drive them to chat about your business in their personal lives (if you are in the ideal situation, you may have created advocates for your business, too!), making some kind of ripple effect, drawing in new faces.

6) In Tune with Current Trends

Take a look at your business. Is it growing along with what’s happening around us? Is it trying to adapt to the current trends? If it is, you have managed to care about your customers by giving them their latest needs, which are usually affected by what’s trending in the industry that you are moving your business in. 

For example, your customers have all been adapting to WhatsApp, which is currently trending as their primary messaging platform; this information allows you to adapt your business by setting up a WhatsApp chatbot integration. This is just a simple instance, but you can follow current trends in so many other ways!

7) Following You on Social Media

If your retaining customers follow your business on social media, this is a solid sign that they are having a positive customer experience. They have been satisfied with whatever your business has provided them, and in trying to get more of what you provide, trying to get a scoop or a glimpse of it.

The Final Verdict

Everything you need to have your business thriving is all within your customer, valued by what we call a customer experience. Whichever customer experience strategy you choose to implement, and however you decide to run your customer experience management, always ensure you see the seven signs of a positive customer experience I have listed above. 

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